Ashbourne Cricket Club Batting Champions



YearPlayerRunsCompleted InningsAverage
1895-96No details recorded   
1896-97No details recorded   
1897-98No details recorded   
1898-99T. Dixon3421819.00
1899-00E. Oakley6682033.40
1900-01J. Haines5231632.69
1901-02E. Oakley4891728.76
1902-03E. Oakley5521830.67
1903-04E. Oakley6221638.88
1904-05H.R. Meyer6081540.53
1905-06H. Oakley522958.00
1906-07H.R. Meyer4901144.55
1907-08H.R. Meyer8911655.69
1908-09H.R. Meyer4601432.86
1909-10No details recorded   
1910-11H.R. Meyer7701264.17
1911-12H.R. Meyer5171243.08
1912-13V. Payne8321175.64
1913-14H.R. Meyer5721152.00
1914-15 to 1917-18No competition due to WW1   
1918-19V. Payne526865.75
1919-20V. Payne7811360.08
1920-21V. Payne10141663.38
1921-22V. Payne8932044.65
1922-23V. Payne110910110.90
1923-24V. Payne6841162.18
1924-25V. Payne5291244.08
1925-26H.R. Meyer7871456.21
1926-27H.R. Meyer6761352.00
1927-28V. Payne6021250.17
1928-29H.R. Meyer3681036.80
1929-30H.R. Meyer514957.11
1930-31V. Payne462677.00
1931-32No details available   
1932-33V. Payne4523150.67
1933-34No details available   
1934-35No details available   
1935-36V. Payne7396123.17
1936-37V. Payne343749.00
1937-38R.D. Meyer492770.29
1938-39R.D. Meyer4002200.00
1939-40 to 1944-45No competition due to WW2   
1945-46G.D. Whittam 3971039.70
1946-47H.J. Pitt6301252.50
1947-48G.D. Whittam3891038.90
1948-49No details available   
1949-50No details available   
1950-51H.J. Pitt9369104.00
1951-52R.D. Meyer434854.25
1952-53R.D. Meyer5075101.40
1953-54D. Meyer6981069.80
1954-55M. Whittam 522865.25
1955-56M. Whittam 270833.75
1956-57P. Whittam365845.63
1957-58D. Meyer334937.11
1958-59H.J. Pitt5841248.67
1959-60H.J. Pitt5311148.27
1960-61H.J. Pitt5231052.30
1961-62R.D. Meyer6681066.80
1962-63P. Whittam743982.56
1963-64M. Heading5331244.42
1964-65W. Meyer4311528.73
1965-66D. Meyer6631255.25
1966-67M. Heading4931241.08
1967-68H.J. Pitt4741433.86
1968-69H.J. Pitt6641641.50
1969-70M. Heading4231042.30
1970-71B. Pitt423947.00
1971-72M. Heading2851321.92
1972-73No details available   
1973-74R. Wilson3771037.70
1974-75R. Wilson3991039.90
1975-76R. Pitt 8751462.50
1976-77R. Pitt 8491177.18
1977-78D. Harris3991330.69
1978-79No details available   
1979-80G. Vivian9482047.40
1980-81G. Vivian3241423.14
1981-82R. Pitt5441341.85
1982-83No details available   
1983-84No details available   
1984-85No details available   
1985-86No details available   
1986-87G. Osterman5761344.31
1987-88No details available   
1988-89No details available   
1989-90No details available   
1990-91No details available   
1991-92No details available   
1992-93R. Pitt 579782.7
1993-94No details available   
1994-95No details available   
1995-96R. Meissner5351633.4
1996-97T. Prior4881048.8
1997-98 R. Meissner (A Grade)5141534.3
 No details available (C Grade)   
1998-99A.J. Stidston (A Grade)3021225.2
 S. Fawcett (C Grade)3471326.7
1999-00L. Meissner6961353.5
2000-01L. Meissner5351244.6
2001-02L. Meissner6821352.5
2002-03A.J. Stidston522774.6
2003-04A.J. Stidston579872.4
2004-05A.J. Stidston582964.7
2005-06A.J. Stidston4701142.7
2006-07B. Smith4051233.8
2007-08A.J. Stidston (A Grade)4601238.3
 C. McGlinchey (C Grade)5241632.8
2008-09A.J. Stidston (A Grade)6701544.7
 T. Hansen (C Grade)336937.3
2009-10A.J. Stidston (A Grade)4881240.7
 L. Roocke (C Grade)3971526.5
2010-11A.J. Stidston (A Grade)2861126.0
 L. Roocke (B Grade)415946.1
2011-12B. Dean (A Grade)2811223.4
 P. Smith (B Grade)4151527.7
2012-13D. Harding (A Grade)4101625.6
 P. Smith (B Grade)5681733.4
 L. Meissner (C Grade)248735.4
2013-14 T. Price (A Grade)2691026.9
 A. Farrugia (B Grade)5671151.5
 B. Louch (C Grade)230925.6
2014-15A.J. Stidston (A Grade)196728.0
 A. Farrugia (B Grade)7571358.2
 L. Meissner (C Grade)4091137.2
 2015-16B. Griffiths (A Grade)3861527.6
 A. Farugia (A2 Grade)5961642.6
 S. Brooks (C Grade)3221621.5