Club Management Committee


The Ashbourne Cricket Club Management Committee is responsible for the overall governance of the Ashbourne Cricket Club Inc. including the development of the clubs strategic vision and direction and management of the clubs on and off field activities. This includes setting goals and objectives, monitoring performance against those goals and objectives, and ensuring that the Club's management and reporting procedures are effective. 

The management committee is comprised of no less than five members including a President, Treasurer, Secretary and Public Officer (usually this is also the Secretary) and is elected from the club membership each year at the Club's Annual General Meeting (AGM). The office bearers are also elected annually at the AGM with the rules for election of the management committee set out in the ACC Constitution
The Ashbourne Cricket Club Management Committee for the 2016/2017 season is composed of the following people who provide a good mix of players from all grades and non playing members:


  • Adam Wright (President)
  • Andrew Stidston (Treasurer)
  • Ben Dean
  • Ben Griffiths
  • Brad Louch
  • Don Sizeland
  • Richard Livingstone
  • Tim Dellatorre
  • Tony Randall (Secretary/Public Officer)
  • Trish Clarke


If you have any ideas for a fundraiser or a vision to improve the club please let your committee know as we want to progress the club with input and participation from all members.